David J. Teece Author/ 9 years ago
business models

Business Models…

Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation

Ciuci Consulting Author/ 10 years ago
crashing cost

Crashing Cost

Is Downsizing the solution to high operating cost s in the Nigerian banking sector?

Ciuci Consulting Author/ 10 years ago

Innovation Driven Strategy

For organisations that intend to effectively compete in the global landscape, they need to devise a tactical way of improving their overall efficiency through the use of innovative processes.

Roger Hammer Author/ 10 years ago

Strategic Innovation

There is absolutely no room in today’s market for companies that cannot continually envision, conceptualize and bring innovaions to market that customers perceive as high value

Stanford Graduate school Author/ 10 years ago

Rediscovering social innovation

Social Entrepreneurship and social enterprise have prove the world. These two notions are positive ones and creating social change in all of its manifestations

Anna M. Aizcorbe Et al Author/ 10 years ago
Toward better

Innovation and intangibles

While all countries account for investment in tangible assets in their gross domestic product (GDP) statistics, no country currently includes a comprehensive estimate of business investment in intangible assets in their official accounts.