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Chukwuka Monye Managing Partner - Ciuci Consulting Founder - iQube Chukwuka Monye is a strategist and catalyst for change, recognised for his unconventional approach to Enterprise and Human Capital Development. He is the Managing Partner of Ciuci Consulting (pronounced ‘see-u-see’), a management-consulting firm. He is also the founder of iQube, a knowledge sharing platform. His experience covers various functions in industries including financial services, telecoms, media, entertainment and retail. He has strong functional capabilities in formulating corporate strategies, development strategy initiatives, organization and technology. At Ciuci, Chukwuka is promoting an unconventional approach to enterprise development and nation building that is rarely seen in the Nigerian environment. His belief in developing capacity led him to concentrate on growing the company from scratch by literally schooling his team in the practice of consulting. The firm has undertaken several landmark projects as well as developed several initiatives aimed at taking the capacity building focus to corporate Nigeria and the larger society. Furthermore, Ciuci has undertaken several projects with high social impact particularly in sectors such as agriculture and healthcare on a pro bono basis as a sign of its commitment to its ideals. This ideology remains a key part of the company’s philosophy even as the firm continues to expand rapidly as evidenced by the scope and volume of the projects it has undertaken since its inception. Prior to Ciuci Consulting, Chukwuka worked as the Chief Marketing Officer of one of Nigeria's largest internet backbone companies. He led the team that facilitated the development of the country's first citywide WiMax network, providing wireless internet access to Nigeria's Federal Capital. He has also worked as an independent consultant for several companies including a software company where he led the team that built Nigeria’s first college portal. Several universities in Nigeria today are beneficiaries of the project. Chukwuka started his career in the United States, where he worked as an analyst at Citigroup's private client business in Florida, before becoming the branch manager of a credit union. Chukwuka obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Warner University, Florida where he graduated with honors and was also the first black student union president. He received several awards including “who’s who” in American Universities and Colleges’ and the United States achievement academy award given to top students in the country. He has also attended management programmes at Harvard Business School and INSEAD Chukwuka sees a better future for individuals, businesses and Nigeria and that vision won't let him rest. He is not leading change because it makes sense or is necessary but because we must get ahead in order to survive and win. He is willing to take action and accept the consequences. Chukwuka has something about him that galvanises people and makes them emotionally engaged. In the end the reward for him is survival and growth, and all the good things that come with it: more and better jobs, new products, global expansion.

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31October Lagos Nigeria

iQube 2012

The Executive Governor of Lagos state – Babatune Raji Fashola with the Managing Partner, Ciuci Consulting and Founder of iQube – Mr Chukwuka Monye.

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