Geetha Tharmaratnam

United Kingdom
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Geetha is the Director, Abraaj Performance Acceleration Group. During her career in Global Growth Markets Private Equity, Geetha Tharmaratnam has worked as both part of the Chief Investment Officer’s Office as well as the Global Portfolio Management team on sustainable private sector development, new fund development and the implementation of Environmental, Social and Governance practices. A member of the team who developed and raised the first Base of the Pyramid Fund, the Africa Health Fund, she manages the multimillion dollar Africa Health Fund Technical Assistance Facility which provides funding to portfolio companies to enhance access, affordability and quality of health goods and services for low income people. Geetha led the development of the first Private Equity Index on Sustainability, the Abraaj Sustainability Index. Formerly Deputy Group Financial Controller for Alea Group, a Global insurance and reinsurance company, she has worked in the US and Switzerland. Geetha holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance from the University of Bridgeport, a Masters in Business Administration from Oxford University (focus on Social Finance) and a Masters in Management Research from Oxford University (research on the use of Private Equity as an instrument of development in Africa). She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts with a speciality in Impact Investing. Geetha sits on the Investment Committee of the Small Enterprise Impact Fund, a Fund of Funds investing in financing intermediaries targeting small enterprise development in Emerging Markets. She is also on the Emerging Markets working group of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing and publishes and speaks frequently on topics of global sustainable investing and investing in Africa. She is currently a member of the working group on international development as part of the G8 taskforce on Impact investing and on the healthcare social franchising collaboration on affordable and scalable healthcare.