Avantgarde Financial Consultants

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Avantgarde Financial Consultants is an indigenous consulting firm focused on providing world-class project finance advice and monitoring services. The consultancy was established to facilitate client organisation’s ability to achieve bankable and efficiently monitored projects. The firm has successfully attracted professionals with local and international experience in the disciplines of project finance and monitoring. Both contemporary and traditional project finance and monitoring techniques are applied, meeting and exceeding the highest of international standards. Avant-Garde works with clients from the early stage to the completion of projects providing financial advice, monitoring and technical advisory services. The firm adopts what is sometimes termed the ‘milestone based system’ (MBS) in its interaction with clients and external stakeholders. It works closely with clients and their partners and contractors to develop a realistic but rigorous project plan that is divided into milestones with clearly defined objectives. These milestones serve as the basis for performance reviews and financial disbursements. MBS is an effective tool to allow contractors to receive payments progressively as they complete each stage of a project. Internally, MBS is also adopted for the management of project systems. Each client is, at the outset, assigned a manager who is responsible for every aspect of the project. Avant-Garde consultants co-ordinate with their team to provide the services that are best suited to the client. While Avant-Garde is centrally administered at the Lagos headquarters, the regional office where the project is based is responsible for fully supporting the project.