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Businesses in developing countries face diverse challenges. Many grapple with significant infrastructural deficiencies and strive to master the structural changes within their markets. While some are subject to unfavorable industry regulations others are threatened by stiff competition. Though profitability remains a common goal, many struggle to stay afloat.

To scale over these hurdles, smart business leaders have recognised the importance of innovation – as a pragmatic tool for business success. They explore ways to create their own solutions as well as adapt the approach of others to fit their situation.

These efforts are however constrained by a low level of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among business leaders. Although many conferences are organized to discuss industry and regional issues, only few provide the insights and inspiration that can be applied to resolve the real issues.

iQube is a multi-channel platform, designed to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration within corporate business communities.




iQube has designed its next forum to meet 3 key objectives: provide information about the world’s fastest growing continent – Africa as an investment opportunity to the investor community and other stakeholders; promote the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in the emerging market and support the execution of new ventures.

  • Theme: The African Enterprise
  • Date: 17th May, 2014
  • Venue: University of Oxford, United Kingdom

University of Oxford has been selected as the venue for this event because of what it represents – knowledge and history. For Africa to realize its potentials, appropriate avenues for discussions must be created. More importantly, programs that trigger development within the continent must be promoted. Consequently, iQube will honour winners of The Innovation Challenge, which was launched in 2013. The Innovation Challenge is a uniquely designed annual contest organised with an objective to promote and reward innovation in Africa. Over 500 entries were received this year. Based on the phenomenal ideas that have been presented, there are strong indications that iQube would ultimately become a major catalyst for economic growth in the continent.